A Fantastic Aquatics Center

Another great company to add to our list of Virginia’s best businesses is an aquatics center called Collegiate School Aquatics Center. Aquatic centers are very similar to gyms but they mainly focus on aquatic exercises rather than large amounts of gym equipment. This company provides three types of pools at their swimming facility. They include an Olympic size swimming pool, recreational pool, and a therapy pool. If you are a swimmer then this is the place that you will want to join.

Collegiate School Aquatics Center provides easy accessibility for Richmond, Chester, Chesterfield, Hopewell, and Petersburg. They provide a wide variety of services that include swimming lessons for children and water aerobics for adults. If you are a water polo enthusiast then you are in luck because they provide Richmond’s only water polo league. They have a professional water polo player that teaches classes to interested individuals.

There are so many different classes and activities that you can take part of that it is a little overwhelming trying to make a decision. If you are a parent then and want to find a place for you to exercise while your child learns how to swim then you have found the right place. All of the swim instructors are certified and pass background checks.

This is the center for large competition swim teams because of the only Olympic size swimming pool in the area. You can stop by and cheer on a swim team as they compete against other teams around the state. If your child is interested in joining a league then you can sign them up for a league any time during the year because it is an indoor facility.

If your child wants to have a pool party then you can take advantage of their party rental specials. They provide an hour of swim time, party time, and birthday supplies all for a small fee. It is the perfect way to make your child’s birthday happen easily. CSAC is always trying to provide a variety of classes for their members to try and if you are interested in finding out more than take a look at their website and see if it is something you would like to be apart of.

Virginia Generator Company

Shopping for a Home Generator

While it may not be peak storm season, its never a bad time to prepare for snow and storms on the east coast. After the unusually bad winter with several power outages I decided to invest in a backup generator for my home. The problem is I didn’t know anything about generators, what brand was best or how much power I needed for all the necessities in my home. I didn’t want to go to one of those big box stores like Lowes or Home Depot because they never seem to know enough about the specialty items I want.

Who to Choose

kholer home generatorBased on a recommendation from a couple friends, I looked into Master Electrical, I linked their website if you want to check them out. Anyways, I was told they are experts at whole house generators because they have been working in the commercial electrical field for years. They were really helpful on the phone as expected and were able to walk me through the type of generator I would need to power what I wanted in the event of an outage around the house.

Probably my favorite thing about the experience is how they didn’t try to sell me a bigger generator than what I needed. A friend of mine bought his home generator from a company based in Charlottesville and they sold him one that could probably power the sun even though he just wanted enough for the necessities. Hurricane season in Virginia and the entire East Coast is closer than you think so there isn’t a better time to look into generators to get ready for outages.

Buying a Used Car in VA

Are you in the market for a new car in Virginia? Before looking at new vehicles, consider purchasing something used. Used cars are cheaper and can be reliable with the proper background checks- especially if they are bought from certain dealerships. Car America, for example, thoroughly inspects and test drives all vehicles by skilled technicians before a sale. Look for a dealership in VA with qualified employees who have the proper certifications, and listen to your friends to see which places have the best word of mouth. There are many businesses who will try to scam you with their prices or sell cars that are not functioning as promised.

The benefit of buying a car from a private party is that the process will probably be simpler. It’s easier to test drive, inspect, and negotiate the price of a vehicle in this situation. However, if you find a reputable dealership, this should not be too big of an issue.

Two important factors to remember before buying the car are to inspect it properly on your own and test drive in all necessary conditions. If you are not sure which problems and features you should be looking for, print out a checklist from any used car website. When you test drive the vehicle, make sure you drive it through all of the conditions you will regularly go through. For example, if you will be taking it on the highway every morning for work, make sure you test drive on the highway at the same high speeds you will be driving. If you will be driving through a city with frequent traffic every day, drive the car through a busy area to see how it keeps up.

Carpet Cleaning Company

Finding a trustworthy, good quality carpet cleaning company is essential to ensure that your carpet is cleaned well and in a timely manner. Look out for a few things when hiring a carpet cleaning company and you should be fine.

green dog chem-dry logoLook at the experience of the company. If a company has been in business for a longer time, it automatically implies that it has a lot of satisfied clients. This can help you find some reliable customer testimonials. That said; if you live in the Hampton Roads area, I recommend Chem-Dry of Virginia Beach if you want a deep carpet and rug cleaning service.

Be sure to check the certifications of the company. Any good cleaner will be certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute. This certification means that the company is legitimate and has well trained employees. Also, the cleaning products it uses are of a high quality. It is also a good idea to ask the company about the cleaning products they use. It is always a safer bet to go with organic cleaners instead of chemical ones. This limits any toxic fumes the cleaning product may emit later on.

Always ask for the insurance details of a company. A well insured company is any day better than an uninsured one. This allows you to hold the company liable for any damage that may occur to your carpet while in their care.

Shop around for a local carpet cleaning company. It may provide you with a lucrative community discount. You can also save some major bucks by eliminating, or in the very least, drastically reducing delivery charges. Thanks to the personal relationship of the business owner and you, the customer support you get will also be phenomenal.

Before choosing a company or heading out on a hunt, always ask your friends and neighbors. They may be familiar with some excellent cleaning services. In the end, go with your gut. If you feel more comfortable with a company, choose it.

Best Auto Insurance

We have looked at some great Virginia business so far, but we wanted to highlight a really great Virginia business called Insurance Doctor. This company is very successful and has grown over the past years as one of the top insurance companies. Insurance Doctor provides world class customer service to all customers and gives the opportunity for all to obtain quality insurance coverage. They put a large amount of focus on their customers. Insurance Doctor understands that a satisfied customer is a great achievement for their company. You can find an Insurance Doctor anywhere in Virginia and in parts of North Carolina.

This company is able to create a wonderful customer experience because other highly trained service representatives. By finding their customer’s needs and situation they are able to provide a coverage plan that is right for them. If you need a motorcycle, home owners, or auto insurance then Insurance Doctor is the place you need to go to get these products. The service representatives go beyond just being polite to their customers, but they also take the time to learn Spanish to help the Latino demographic.

Purchasing process is always easy for insurance companies, but the real test of the insurance company comes in when the client needs to use their insurance. Insurance Doctor has had a proven track record of taking care of their customers in time of emergencies. When there is an accident it can cause a large amount of stress for insurance customers. Insurance Doctor takes the stress out of the situation by being understanding of the client’s needs and ensuring they receive the benefits of their insurance.

They go above and beyond to provide insurance for everyone. One of their main selling points is that they will never turn anyone down because they have a poor driving record. They have a plan for everyone and that includes bad driving histories. I would strongly suggest that if anyone of you are thinking about purchasing home, auto, or bike insurance to contact your local Insurance Doctor. This way you can experience the wonderful customer service first hand.

Virginia’s Finest Electrical Company

Mr. Electric vanWhen looking at the best electrical businesses in Virginia it is very difficult to find a company better than Mr. Electric. They provide world class service, experienced electricians, and fair pricing for all residents of Virginia. Mr. Electric is very customer oriented and strives to provide the best electrical services for their customers. As a national franchise they are able to provide unique and standardized electrical services for all customers across the nation. It doesn’t matter if you receive service from Mr. Electric in Virginia or in California, you can expect the same world class service and expertise from both.

This specific Virginia Mr. Electric provides all of their electrical services for Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, and Springfield. They have been the number one trusted electrical company in this area and even the government contracts them to repair highway and street lighting. With this much experience it is difficult to call another electrical company better.

World class service is an understatement when it comes to the residential service of Mr. Electric. They take necessary precautions to prevent damage of your property by parking their service vehicles on the road rather than in your driveway. This prevents tire marks from staining you beautiful pavement or big gaping holes in you gravel that you have to fill in. They also make sure to wear foot covers to prevent damage to you floor from their shoes.

Every single one of their electricians has had previous years of experience working in the electrical industry. On top of the experience that their electricians already have Mr. Electric gives them constant training so that they can stay on top of today’s best electrical practices. There is never an electrical situation that a Mr. Electric electrician can’t solve. This is thanks to their state certifications and world class training.

You will never be in the dark about the price of service from Mr. Electric. They always provide and upfront quote for their customers that is concrete and will not change after the repair or installation. This is because they charge for the service conducted and not how long it takes the electrician to complete the task. There is no doubt that Mr. Electric is the best electrical company in Virginia and if you ever have an issue with you home electricity give them a call.

Best Virginia Contractor

Virginia is full of very profitable and successful businesses and Metropolitan Contractors is among those. When thinking about replacing your home windows, siding, or roof then metro contractors is the one to call. With over 20 years of experience in residential contracting they have become well known in the Northern Virginia area as the top residential contractor. Not only do they provide replacement windows, siding, or roofing, but they also provide addition and remodeling services. Many customers have asked them to build additions on their homes and have left very positive feedback.

Their website is covered with positive reviews from happy customers that you can find on every single one of their pages. What really sets this company apart from other contractors in Virginia is their world class service. They are always treating their customers with respect and help them achieve their goals. All of their service crew live in Virginia and are a custom to the style and trends of homes in the area.

All of their employees are trained to help the customer make the right decisions by providing them with accurate knowledge and statistics. Metropolitan Contractors goal is to help its citizens achieve the quality home improvement care and quality that they deserve. Most companies will say this but in the end they are only concerned about how much money they are making. This company really inspires to make a difference in their community.

Metro Contractors also work with customer’s insurance companies to help the issue of money become less stressful. Dealing with restoration work for a home that has been burned by a fire or flooded can be difficult for most customers. But with Metro you don’t have to worry because they are with you every step of the way. It all starts with their free estimates of service and ends with the customer being happy.

If you every find yourself in need of a great home improvement company then I would strongly suggest contacting Metropolitan Contractors. They provide services all over Northern Virginia that include, Fairfax, Arlington, Springfield, and Vienna. Give them a call today or simply click here to visit their website and find more about this great contractor.