What your Family Dentist Needs to Know about your Dental Hygiene

A quick note… This entry is not specific to any geographic location, but the tips were offered by a local Richmond dentist, so it seemed appropriate to put it here. To visit a good local dental office, you can click here. Now, on with the tips…

Dental Tips

If you have been a frequent visitor to your family dentist, you probably know the drill, so to speak. Regular visits can be quite stressful, but infrequent trips are much worse. Next time you visit your family dentist make sure you tell him or her all about your dental hygiene habits – the truth, this time!


Brushing your teeth is only one part of oral hygiene, but a very important part. Your dentist should be told whether or not you brush twice a day, and he can even show you how you have to brush to get all the lodged food out from between your teeth. A dental hygienist will show you what you need to do every day to keep those pearly whites…well, pearly and white!


Not many people take flossing seriously, but it could be one of the things that preserves your teeth and gums for many years to come. Regular flossing prevents cavity formation and can help in many other ways.


Using a mouthwash every morning can kill built-up bacteria and will help maintain optimal pH in the mouth, which is essential for dental and gum care. Today there are many flavors available so you can choose exactly what you want to literally give yourself a fresh start every single day.

Why Care for Teeth?

Teeth are precious and, although there are dental prosthetics of every kind, nothing can truly replace your own teeth. Taking care of them now means retaining them for several decades in the best condition possible. A proper dental hygiene routine might be hard to maintain at first, but over time you will make a habit of it and it will become second nature. Soon, you’ll be doing it without even realizing it. Your family dentist is sure to agree!

Protecting Richmond’s Pets From Fleas, Ticks, and Mosquitoes

For any Richmonder who spends a lot of summertime outdoors, bug bites come with the territory. When we work in the yard, host a barbeque, or head out to the James, we expect a bug bite or two; it itches for a few hours, and then is ignored and forgotten. Unfortunately, we can’t be as casual regarding pests that bite our dogs and cats. Instead, we need to take great care to protect our pets.

Mosquitoes are a serious threat to the health of our local dogs and cats. Not only do these pests leave behind itchy, irritating bites; they can also transmit heartworms that can debilitate and even kill dogs and cats of all ages. And Richmond lies in an area where the risk of heartworm infection is moderate – much higher than in most of the rest of the country.

While a heartworm infection can be treated, the treatment process is a long and expensive one for dogs. This process involves caging and forced inactivity that will be traumatic both to pets and the people who love them. Cats are more resistant to heartworms than dogs, but are susceptible to life-threatening reactions that occur when the worms die.

Thankfully, the threat of heartworms can be mitigated with regular doses of preventative medicine, provided on schedule. Some medicine can even be acquired without a prescription or a visit to one of Richmond’s local veterinarians. That said, dogs and cats – whether they’ve already been regularly medicated or not – should occasionally be tested for infection. If your pet hasn’t been medicated, you should schedule a visit right away.

As any veterinarian can tell you, the itching alone is reason enough to safeguard your pets against fleas and ticks. But that isn’t the only reason you need to control these pests. Fleas and ticks can carry deadly diseases and cause serious allergic reactions in your pets. And when fleas and ticks are not quickly terminated by medication, they pose a much greater risk of infecting your pets, infesting your home, and even putting your own health at risk.

Fortunately, there are many potential safeguards against fleas and ticks; these include flea collars, shampoos, powders, tablets, or solutions applied directly to the pet’s skin. Sprays and powders that can also be used to combat infestations external to the pet – in furniture and carpeting, for example. That said, the best way to control fleas and ticks is to properly treat pet so that fleas and ticks are eliminated before they can harm your pet or reproduce in your home.

Many flea and tick safeguards can be purchased without a prescription. If you’re not already using these countermeasures on a regular schedule, you need to start right away. If you have any questions – or you discover that your pet is already infested with fleas and ticks, give your local vet a call. If you are medicating your pet, but the medication isn’t effective, your vet can help with that, too.

With a proper, year-round defense against mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks, your pets are much more likely to enjoy this summer – occasional biting bugs or not. You’ll enjoy it, too, knowing that you’ve done something important and good for your pet.

The 9 Things You Need to Apply for a Mortgage Loan

Getting a mortgage loan and buying a house is no small task. You should do plenty of research on the size of monthly payment that you will be able to safely afford, the price trends in the prospective neighborhoods, and your projected future income. Assuming you’re relatively far long in that process, here are the 9 things that you will need to have ready when you meet with your lender to process and close your mortgage. For anyone local to us in Richmond VA, we recommend mortgages with Call Federal Credit Union amongst other financial services.

Driver’s License. This is standard procedure in confirming your identity to protect against identity theft and ensure borrowers credit reputation isn’t tainted by fraudulent loans.

Secondary ID’s. Passport or Social Security Cards are a second measure of security in personal identification.

Recent pay stubs. This is the first of many documents that prove you will be able to make the minimum monthly mortgage payments. It is important to do research on the size of loan you can support even with unexpected life events, not just the size of loan you can get approved for. It is a safe rule of thumb that no one has your best interest as their sole priority but you.

W-2 forms from current employers. The second in a long line of earning power documentation.

Federal tax returns from the past two years. Regardless of whether you are salaried or not, these prove that you have not been writing off income as employee expenses that haven’t been reimbursed. This is mostly applicable to those who are self-employed, or receive a significant form of their compensation through commission.

Contact information for your landlord. If you have been renting, you may be asked to verify that you are capable of paying rent in a timely fashion.

Bank and asset statements. As with any loan, assets serve as safety nets for lenders that need to foreclose on defaulted payments. This is of course a worst case scenario for the borrower, but assets can help you acquire the size of loan you need even if your liquid assets are lower.

Purchase contract for the property you are buying. This is the reason you originally are applying for the mortgage. This document is used for the collateral appraisal and loan conditions.

A copy of your deed, only if you are refinancing. This serves to show the lender what property is being refinanced.

A Great Service for Fairfax County Dog Owners

Here in Fairfax County, Virginia, a lot of folks work really hard. We often work in stressful, highly-competitive jobs in a market filled with major corporate offices as well as government agency headquarters. We also spend a lot of time driving into work and then back again; Fairfax County commuters spend more than 31 minutes each day just driving to work – way more than the national average.

So when we get home after a long day, we want to make the most of our time with friends and family. We want to do the things that inspire us and make life worth living. One thing we don’t want to do? Spend our hard-earned free time walking around our yards, looking for pet waste, and then handling the unpleasant task of removing it from the yard. Thankfully – here in Fairfax County – poop-scooping isn’t something we have to do anymore.

In 2007, DoodyCalls was created to handle the job of pet waste removal, carefully inspecting our yards and then bagging and removing any pet waste they find. Professional poop-scooping is a service that’s perfect for families that work long hours and have long commutes – the kind you often find here in Fairfax County. So it’s no wonder that DoodyCalls’ service has caught on locally, and continued to expand throughout similar areas across the country.

For a modest fee, DoodyCalls gives local residents one of the best gifts of all: More time to spend doing the things that matter. If you’re interested in their pet waste removal service, or would simply like to learn more about the world’s first pooper scooper franchise, they would love to hear from you.

In addition to Fairfax County, DoodyCalls also services Washington DC and Arlington. So what are you waiting for? Give your back and your shovel a rest, and let the professionals deal with what your pet leaves behind.

Friendly, Professional Auto Repair

The Real Value of a Great Car Repair Shop

Getting your car fixed or having maintenance done is one of those things you always wish it wasn’t time to do. But things can be especially frustrating if you don’t have a good mechanic. Over the years I have taken my car to many different places and often went years without being happy with the service I was getting. It’s always been surprising how one auto repair shop can mess up simple things like a tire rotation or installing breaks.
mr preferred auto repair shop in VirginiaBut since I have moved to Virginia I have had a much more pleasant experience. It may have just been by luck but the first time I needed service for my Subaru I took it to Aarrow Transmissions in Glen Allen and was able to get a fast inspection and new front brake pads and rotors. As always I was hoping to have my car in and out in one day and was able to conveniently pick it up right after work like I was hoping to.
I got one call from them in the middle of the day letting me know about one other smaller thing they recommended for my car. This was a relief because unlike other auto repair places I didn’t feel I was being pressured or deceived into getting another service I might not need. If you appreciate these things to then don’t waste your time getting your car fixed at a place you’re not happy with. Do what I did and find a great mechanic like those at Aarrow Transmissions, it will make your bad day a lot better when you find out you do need a repair or service for your car.

Shopping in Richmond VA

Take a Trip to Richmond


One of the great parts about living in Richmond is the shopping. There are plenty of different malls and shops perfect for locals and visitors. For example Short Pump and Stony Point malls are both great places to find exactly what you are looking for with varieties of popular stores. There are also plenty of smaller establishments outside of the main malls if you are looking for a boutique or would like to avoid traffic.

You can always find a great jeweler in Richmond VA. There are plenty of stores with different pricing options and styles of rings, necklaces, and bracelets if you are looking for a gift. You could also find something easily if you are just looking to make a purchase for yourself.

Other Activities

Another great part about the shopping in Richmond is the restaurants. There are plenty of places to eat from Mexican, to sushi, to any popular chains within a couple feet of any store. The malls are a great place to spend the day shopping, browsing, and stopping for a meal.

Richmond is the perfect place to visit if you are looking to take a shopping trip in a great area. All malls are clean, there is a great selection, and there is plenty to do for all ages. Whether you want to go to a vineyard, walk around downtown, or stop at an amusement park on the way in, there is something for everyone. Stay for a couple of days and shop or try one of the other many activities.